Magic of Who

The Magic of Who: A new Show from Magic and Pop Culture for Dr Who Conventions and other Cons.

Magic of Who Schedule

June 24 DCU Center Worcester Mass at Massive Comic Con.  2pm show only

July 22 The Magic of Who will be presented at Southeast Boston Comic Con in Hanover Mass. One show only

September 16 The Magic of Who will be presented at Granite State Comic Con.


The Magic of Who was Featured March 24 2017 at Regenerations Who in Baltimore MD.


Here is the preview video for the Magic of Who Show now available

Featuring: Cast from the show March 24 2017 at Regeneration Who in Baltimore MD.

Lord President Rassilon of Galifrey: A not so nice Timelord who has tried to destroy earth a few times. He carries a grudge against the Doctor.He hires The Master and Missy to do away with The Doctor Played by me.

The Master: Renegade Timelord long time friend/foe of the Doctor. Mostly Evil. He and Missy want The Doctor to entertain them before they do away with him. played by Jeff Baryla.

Missy: See the Master. Timelords do not die they Regenerate. Missy is the Master from a different regeneration and period of time. Also Evil. She takes the audience hostage to get The Doctor to show up. played by Kara Sternquist

Doctor Who #4 with the long Scarf and Curly hair and a large smile. Wants to help everyone and save the world. The Doctor shows up to save the audience and is forced to put on a show. Played by me.

River Song: The Doctors Wife and occasional companion in adventures through time. Because she and the Doctor are time travelers, things are often complex and out of sequence. Played by Lindsay Bartlett

Doctor Emmett Brown: Another Time Traveler. Friend of Doctor #12. Comes to help when Doctor #12 can’t put 20 knives in his wife head. Played by me

Doctor Who #12. Older. Wiser. The current doctor. Crazy Hair and amazing guitar player. Wants to help save the audience. Played by me

The Headless Monks: An religious order than requires their members to chop off their heads. Because faith is stronger in the heart then the head. Played by Douglas Rothkopf

Amy Pond: Companion of Doctor’s #11. Smart and Sassy and a fondness for short skirts and flannel. Payed by a unknown from the audience.

The characters above appeared in the one time show on March 24 2017. Characters at your con will vary depending on availability of the cosplayers.


For your show, we use Local Cosplayers at your con in the Story..  Lord President Rasillon wants to get rid of the Doctor for once and all. He gets the Evil TimeLord The Master and or his Evil Female Incarnation, Missy as his method depended on which is available as a local cosplayer

Missy and/or The Master take a theater hostage and demand the Doctor show up and entertain them. Various incarnations of the Doctor and his Companions are involved in the show as they thwart the evil plans and save the world again.

We will have local cosplayers sign-up to audience on-line before the con and then we will have a quick audition of the local talent and then cast the players for this show. All will be given scripts and any needed props.

This is NOT a panel show. We need time to setup this show. This can be done, the night before or the morning of a con. Other things may happen in front of this show during the day. We can cover up the equipment. This show is better with a stage. We will need 1 to 2 hours for rehearsals with the local cast before the show is performed. These rehearsals may or not be in the stage area where the show will be performed.

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