Comedy Magic and Pop Culture

Stage is set for Massive Con in June 2017. We did 6 shows in 2 days.


Effective May 2017, I am adding Magic inspired by Harry Potter to the Magic and Pop Culture show.  And we are going to be debuting a Brand New show “The Magic of Potter” show at GraniteCon in Manchester NH in September 2017 and it will include several new characters


He is coming to the Magic of Potter show at GraniteCon

A Fantastic Beast (Chewbacca the Pom) And you can find him at GraniteCon 2017 September 16-17 in Manchester NH.

We will have three different themed shows:

Here is a combined Preview of the three shows



This show is going insane in 2017. We are already booked to take this show to 10 different states. See schedule here


This is a completely new Comedy show unlike anything you will see anywhere on the planet.  I combine my love of Nerd Culture with Comedy and with magic.  It is really a Comedy show about Pop Culture that just happens to feature magic and illusion. It is designed for Comic Cons and Pop Culture Events but also can be performed at Corporate Events. For Example, we recently performed at A Fraternity Rush Event at MIT in Cambridge MA.


The Many characters in the Magic and Pop Culture show.

My Magic Show is Inspired by:

  • Star Wars
  • Harry Potter Universe
  • Mr Robot
  • Doctor Who
  • Indiana Jones
  • Back to the Future
  • The World of Marvel
  • Jaws (and you will need a bigger boat)
  • The Slightly Evil Dead


Young Jedi Makes this girl float

I have been performing magic for over 20 years, but I was born a Nerd.  I was Trekkie from the beginning, a Big Star Wars and Indiana Jones Fan and my favorite film is Buckaroo Bonzai. I been been consuming Pop Culture all my life. I am also one of the world’s most experienced Computer Security Instructors, when I am not doing magic. I am a magician who has created both in place theater shows and shows that traveled the United States. People ask. Are you a Magician, a Comedian, A Nerd?  Answer: Yes to all of the above. I consider myself a Comedian, that happens to be doing amazing Magic and illusion using Comedy. My act fits in anywhere you would have a comedian or a Magician.This show is fantastic for a Corporate Sales Meeting or function.

IMG_3313 (2017-06-25)I will use people from the audience and interface with them on stage.

Some people, might lose their head in my head chopper or might even be cut in half.  Some may just help make the magic happen all with magic and cosplay and comedy.

This show is best for a platform or riser in front of an audience or a stage. The show comes with it’s own sound equipment or can use any equipment that already exists in the venue.

I use various characters and costume during the show and these characters may vary per performance.


The show can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes in length.

The New Brochure is available below. Click to view/download/


About Mark

Mark Pinksten traveled around the country in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s with his solo National Mall Tour show Magic by Mark.  He also had a large illusion show, The AllStar Magic Revue, that played state fairs and large venues. He retired from Magic in 2002 and came back in 2016 with Magic and Pop Culture: The Nerd Magician. In his day job, Mark travels the world as one of the leading Computer Security Experts in the world. He has trained people from Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, NASA, Air Force, Navy, Army and most of the Fortune 100 companies. He performs his current shows weekends around the NorthEast at Comic Cons and other venues.

For more information information: or call 603-722-0016